How To Get Started

Here is a step-by-step guide to Surrogacy Program. 

  • Contact us and let us know what your specific requirement-

As soon as we hear from you and understand your exact requirement, we will suggest program most suitable to you depending upon your marital status, your citizenships, single or married, what type of egg donor you need or what is your financial limitations.  We will request you to provide as much information as possible such as your age, marital status, medical complication, if any, citizenship etc. This will help us to understand and get back to you with specific detail pertaining to your program. We will be sharing with you general information about your program and price list with abreakdown of cost, and legal process etc. If you agree to proceed, we will be assisting you further.

  • Selecting an Egg Donor/Surrogate Mother

 In case you need only IVF-ICSI or IVF with egg donation program we will provide you process details, pricing and introduce you to our partner’s IVF Clinics. We will give you access the donor database and choose donor of your choice.  In case you need surrogacy services, we will further assist you with surrogate profiles and will help you in egg donor and surrogate matching. 

  • Screening Tests 

We will provide you a list of tests to confirm your eligibility, medically.  You can do these tests in your city, and can send scan copy for review of fertility specialists.  Please note that in case, you are using an egg donor and surrogate mother, only male partner need to do Pre- IVF tests.  If you are self-cycling, then both partner will be asked to complete tests as provided by us. These may include hormone level tests for self-cycles, scans for ED IVF cycles, blood types, infectious disease screens and semen analysis.

  • Sign Contracts

One of theessentialrequirement for surrogacy program is to complete paperwork to ensure your rights and surrogate rights are protected.  To save time and money, agency/lawyer can make your specific Surrogacy Contract and email/fax/courier for your signature.  Once reviewed and signed, you can bring signed copy with you while traveling for IVF cycle.  Please note that in case you are using anegg donor, you also need to sign separate Egg Donor Contract. You can also send signed copy via email as well.

  • First payment

Once contracts are signed, the Intended Parents are required to make the first payment as per your specific price list.  It is advised to discuss price and cost break down in advance with your case manager.

  • Preparation and synchronization 

As soon as we receive first payment, tests and preparation/synchronization of your cycle with donor or that of your egg donor with the surrogate begin.  Generally, it takes 6 weeks to complete synchronization and start the stimulation protocol. If you are self-cycling, then you will receive clear instruction to start fertility medication and elaborated schedule will be provided to you before coming for egg pick up.

  • IVF and Pregnancy Test

Once you visit surrogacy country, you will be meeting thelocal team, doctor, thedonor (if egg donation is not anonymous), and surrogate.  IVF specialist will discuss your IVF Cycle details with you along with thedate of egg pick up and fertilizations. IVF is done and embryos are implanted in your surrogate mother’s uterus, she will be kept on luteal support for 2 weeks. A blood test is done after 2 weeks to confirm pregnancy. Once pregnancy confirmed and gestational sac and heartbeatis seen, you will be getting regular update of your surrogate health progress.

  • Surrogate Pregnancy Care

Throughout her pregnancy, the surrogate is closely monitored by a local coordinator and medical team.  If required, the surrogate can be kept in surrogate housing.  Her routine blood tests and scans, check-ups will be shared with you. If you wish, you can also have Skype meeting with a surrogate mother. Surrogate receives monthly compensation and doctor closely monitors her progress in coming months. 

  • Baby Birth

The estimated date of delivery is discussed with you so that you are present at the time of delivery.  In case surrogate goes in premature labor pain, you will be notified, and if Cesarean is necessary, it will be discussed with you.  Once thebaby is born, thebaby birth certificate is given, which will further initiate theprocess of applying for ababy passport and subsequent baby exit.

  • Baby Exit Process

Once you receive ababy birth certificate, our surrogacy lawyer will be guiding and assisting you with documents for baby citizenship. Most countries do ask for DNA Test for citizenship, in this case, you can pre-order the DNA kit before baby birth. Once citizenship gained, you can apply for ababy passport and exit visa.  The exit process for baby varies country to country and alsodepend on how quick your local embassy processes the case/staff availability.  Our local team will be assisting you during your stay and will be helping you with your country-specific protocol.

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