Surrogacy in Georgia is the most affordable and legal surrogacy destination in Eastern Europe.

Republic of Georgia (an eastern European country) is quickly becoming a popular international surrogacy destination for the childless couple.

The third-party reproductive laws are favorable since 1997. Thus, giving equal opportunity to local and international fertility seekers. Slowly,  Georgia is becoming a new surrogacy hub for childless couples, who wish to become a parent via surrogacy services.

We will be touching the all aspect of surrogacy in Georgia to conclude its merits.

1.     Why surrogacy in Georgia?

2.     What surrogacy laws in Georgia says?

3.     Why surrogacy is Georgia becoming popular for international couples?

4.     Cost of surrogacy in Georgia

5.     Travel trip for Georgia

Why surrogacy in Georgia?

Low cost and legally safe surrogacy make s Georgia an ideal destination for international surrogacy.

The Republic of Georgia is located at the intersection of Europe and Asia.  It is a small but naturally diverse country.  Formerly it was a part of USSR.  Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia offer a modern facility with old architectural charm.

In past, other Asian countries like India and Thailand were popular for international surrogacy.  But now, Georgia is a potential destination for couples who want to have the baby via surrogacy.

Why consider surrogacy in Georgia.

1.     Surrogacy agreement in Georgia is supported by legal protection.  Matter of fact it has most favorable surrogacy laws in the world. 

2.     The country does not differentiate between it, local citizen and foreigner.  There fertility and surrogacy services are equally available to all.  However, it is important to know that only married hetero couples can do surrogacy in Georgia.

3.     The cost of the surrogacy in Georgia is the lowest, so making it a lucrative option for a couple who has financial difficulties.

What surrogacy laws in Georgia say?

According to Georgian legislation, commissioning parents are the legal parent of the baby and their name comes in the baby birth certificate.

Most countries restrict or prohibit surrogacy arrangements for its citizen and for foreigners.   But Georiga offers a legally viable option for cross-border surrogacy. 

However, it is good to consult with your own consulates to see if your home country allow surrogacy legally.  Although Georgia will accept heterosexual married couples for surrogacy but for taking the baby home safely, consult your local surrogacy attorney.

Surrogacy is a controversial topic.  It involves the discussion about the moral, social and legal issues for the baby and Intended parents.  That is why legal situation needs to be well evaluated carefully.

Georgian Law clearly gives “Married Heterosexual Couples” the right to have the baby through surrogacy.  This means the single parents or same-sex couple are not eligible to do surrogacy in Georgia.

The Article of 143 of Georgia legislation says,

 Extracorporeal fertilization (IVF) is allowed:

For the purpose of treatment of infertility, as well as in the case of risk of transmission of genetic disease on a wife’s or a husband’s part, by using sex cells or an embryo of the couple or a donor, if the couple’s written consent has been obtained.

For the purpose of transfer and growth of the embryo obtained as a result of fertilization to the uterus of another woman (“surrogate mother”). The couple’s written consent is obligatory.

The couple is considered to be parents in case of the childbirth with the responsibility and authority ensuing from it. A donor or a “surrogate mother” has no right to be recognized as a parent of the born child.

Clearly, prior written consent is needed for the Intended parent before the start of the treatment.  A dully drafted and signed consent provide the legal protection to the Intended parents.

The Article of 144 of Georgia legislation speaks about the possibility of using an egg donor or sperm donor.

For the purpose of artificial fertilization, it is possible to use female and male sex cells or an embryo conserved by the method of freezing. The time of conservation is determined according to the couple’s will by established procedure.

So, clearly, the commission parent is the legal parent of the baby right after conceptions.  The surrogate mother has no right over the baby, and she is not recognized as the legal parent of the baby.

This means:

1. The baby birth certificate can be assigned soon after baby delivery.

2. The name of both commission parents come in the baby birth certificate.

3. No consent from surrogate mother is needed at any stage.

Although Georgian surrogacy laws are favorable.  Intended Parents need to have at least one genetic link with the baby.  That man either mother or father need to be biologically linked with the baby.  During the baby exit process, your country consulates will ask for DNA tests to establish that get the citizenship of the parents.

Cost of surrogacy in Georgia

It goes without saying the high cost of surrogacy makes it out of reach for many couples.  But not anymore.  The surrogacy cost in Georgia is much affordable than high surrogacy related fee in the USA or other European countries.

The full surrogacy fee for gestational surrogacy in Georgia can be starting from $35,000 to $45,000.  This includes the IVF, Caucasian egg donor fee, surrogacy related fees like her compensation and antenatal care, and surrogacy agency fee.

Cross- border surrogacy can be a challenging enterprise.  To avoid unseen cost or surprises later, it is good to understand all the aspect of the surrogacy fee.  Pay special attention to “incidental fee/ additional fee.  Generally, once gestational surrogacy agreement is sealed, there are no changes in cost. 

Guarantee baby program, a myth or reality?

To avoid the uncertainness and risk of failed IVF surrogacy cycle.  Many IVF Clinic and surrogacy agency in Georgia, is offering “ Guarantee Baby Services”.   It can be a good option for those who are ready to pay a bit more but need surety of the baby.   Guarantee program offers peace of mind to the Intended Parents as they will get baby for sure.

Although in such program IVF Clinics do ask for a higher initial fee, but with a little more fee, parents can be assured of the baby.

It is again like taking chances.  If you get successful in the first IVF cycle with first embryos transfer in surrogate mother, then the higher guarantee fee is like loss of money.  But in case you need more than 1 IVF cycles and number embryos transfer attempt in surrogate mother. Guarantee program can save a lot of money as doing each IV F cycle cost much more.

So, bottom line is that uncertainty of the IVF treatment makes guarantee program much desirable.  If you have money and can afford the guarantee program high initial fee, it can be a good option.

The cost of guarantee baby program in Georgia as offered by various surrogacy agency is around $55,000 to $60,000. It is all-inclusive cost, it covers almost everything except flight cost.

Normally, a Guaranteed Baby Program fee would  include: 

·  Egg Donor recruitment, selection and then screening by the doctor

·  Agency fee for the egg donor

·  Egg donor medical exams and her stimulation ( preparation for the IVF)

·  Egg Donor compensation

·  IVF (in vitro fertilization) as many attempts as would be needed

·  Embryo freezing and storage

·  Surrogate mother recruitment, selection and then screening by the doctor

·  Surrogate mother compensation

·  Surrogate mother monthly allowance ( for good nutrition and vitamins to ensure she has good care during pregnancy and gets all necessary vitamins )

·  Embryo transfer fee paid to a surrogate mother ( upon transferring the embryos)

·  Pregnancy care ( visit clinic according to doctor medical protocol, regular check-ups, standard medicines prescribed during pregnancy)

·  Baby delivery fee at the delivery hospital (paid directly to the maternity clinic)

·  Surrogate mother supervision by our specially assigned Pregnancy Care Coordinator for the entire period of the pregnancy ( 9 months) : this includes making sure the surrogate mother visits the clinic on time, unexpected visits to surrogate mother at home for check-up,  being available for the surrogate mother for 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week for her questions and assistance during pregnancy

·  Notary fee for signing the contract between you and a surrogate mother, as well as the egg donor

·  Meeting you at the airport upon your arrival

·  Free accommodation for four days upon initial arrival for providing sperm for IVF procedure

·  Full dedication, support, and professional care

Eligibility for the guarantee baby program

·  The sperm medical results of a genetic father needs to be confirmed by the doctor

·  She surrogate mother and egg donor is suggested by our agency

Travel trip for Georgia

Georgia country overview.

Facts and Figures

Official name: Georgia
Area: 69 700 sq. Km
Population: 4 385 400
Capital: Tbilisi
Main cities: Kutaisi, Batumi, Rustavi, Telavi, Zugdidi, Ozurgeti, Poti
Time zone: GMT + 4:00
Country code: GEO
Calling code: +995 (+995 32 – for Tbilisi)
Official language: Georgian
Political structure: Democratic Republic



There is no visa requirement for visitors from many countries. A passport valid for at least 6 months is required for all nationalities. There is no visa needed for stays up to 360 days for the citizen of :

·         The European Union

·         United States of America

·         Canada

·         Japan

·         Switzerland

·         Lichtenstein

·         Norway

·         Israel

·         Turkey

·         Principality of Andorra

·         San-Marino

·         Republic of Iceland

·         United Arab Emirates

·         State of Kuwait

·         South Korea

·         State of Qatar

·         Kingdom of Bahrain

·         Oman

Those from nations that required a visa to enter the country can apply for one at the Georgian consulates in their country of origin or upon arrival at Tbilisi International Airport. For some countries, it is good to apply and get the visa before arrival as getting a visa on arrival can take time and sometimes denied.

International Flights:

Georgia has a very convenient geographic location.  Thus, making it very easy to reach by all types of transportation. It takes only 3-4 hours to reach Georgia from the center of Europe by flights.  

There are non-stop flights to the capital of Georgia (Tbilisi) from: Aktau; Alma-Ata, Amsterdam, Athens, Baku, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Dubai, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Kharkov, Kiev, London, Minsk, Munich, Paris, Prague, Riga, Tel-Aviv, Vienna, Yerevan. Daily flights are available from Kiev, Munich, Istanbul and Baku. There are also flights from other cities three-four times a week. There is three main international Airports in Georgia: Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Batumi International Airports.

Local Transportation


Metro (underground)

Local Railway


Local Flights


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